Counting cards - if you have not tried it yet, it is time you try!

Are you an experienced gambler? Or have you just started to discover pages like , where you can play Blackjack and a host of other table games online? Play for fun in the demo version, but at some stage you might want to upgrade to the real deal. And there you need the right tools in the box, because otherwise you will lose badly.

Learn the basics and learn them well

From the very beginning, you must be very certain about the basics. For basic errors, you pay cash - literally. And it is not just about the magical 21 points that you should not exceed with your hand. There are many more things to it. One of them is the flow of cards on the table. Follow up closely and you have an advantage immediately.

  • Master the basics first
  • Then upgrade your game

Counting cards is a method to obtain more information about the opportunities ahead. If you know how many aces are already out of the game, you can judge the potential for a Blackjack hand way better. You judge a lot easier whether it is worth it to take on some more risk. Or whether you better just wait and see until the next round.

About counting cards

There are some important basics to card counting as well of course. First of all, you need to know how many decks of cards are in play. Modern games of Blackjack in an online casino tend to be played with six or even eight decks. This does not make your task any easier at all. But it is neither completely impossible.

Basic Blackjack games could also be played with one or two decks of cards. But in the professional environment of an online casino, this would make the dealer and thus the casino overly vulnerable to defeat. Predictability is the very last thing you would want to have if you were a casino operator. Random games are way fairer for everyone actually.

Try alternative methods

Counting cards is not everything you can do und not everything you should think about when you play Blackjack. You should just as well get hold of some other techniques to get one over the dealer. Split your hand for example, as soon as you have two equal cards in your hand. You may go bust with one, but you still have a second chance then.

  • Split your hand for more chances
  • Take the insurance

Another option within the rules of most Blackjack versions is the insurance. Just like the split option, this is a side bet that would usually cost you another 50 % of the initial bet. If the dealer then has a Blackjack in hand straight away, you will get the insurance prime back into your account. That tends to be money well invested.

Try all tricks in the box

This should not mean that you should not try your hand at counting cards at all though. While you may hardly ever succeed with the main aim of counting cards, at least it will train your concentration. Such traits could also become handy elsewhere in your daily life. There may come a situation where you might also need to memorize a long string of data somewhere.

Your sense for the detail becomes sharper the more you try to follow the game in detail. In a multiplayer game, this could be the decisive thing between you and other players on the table. On average, there is always a weak player on a multiplayer Blackjack table. The game's appeal is just simply to great for things to roll otherwise.

  • Help your concentration skills with Blackjack
  • Try every trick in the book

Read up on the matter

Of course, counting cards and similar techniques are not new to the game. Actually, it has been done for many years, but the conditions for it have changed a lot. So, if you want to read up on the topic, literature from the 1960s' card counting pioneers may actually be long out of date. After all, the casinos have learnt from it.

These days, there is a lot of information available on the internet. What once was a secretive piece of advice has long become general knowledge. It is one of many ways to gain an advantage over a casino. But beware of the fact that it may not always be the way to go. This game of cat and mouse will probably never end.


Last modified: 22 January 2021